What Our Clients Say:


"We just moved into our new home and could not be more pleased. From the initial consultation to the final detail, the process was flawless. When we build again it will be with Horizon. Jean & Gladys H."


"I am a licensed builder in Michigan and Florida, but I had Horizon Homes build my house last year. I spent a lot of time with Al Holmes before I decided to use Horizon as my builder. I watched their model home being built almost from day one. I was there everyday watching the progress and talking with Al and his subs and asking a lot of questions, to most of which I knew the answers, but I wanted to hear Al's responses. Al is a perfectionist, and will not hesitate to make a sub redo anything that is not up to his standards.


We have been in our house for about 10 months and could not be happier. And the greatest part is Al and I are still great friends. That does not happen often in the building of a new home."



I have known Al Homes of Horizon Homes of S.W. Florida for over five years.  When our house was destroyed by Hurricane Charlie, Al was there doing a comprehensive structural analysis that pointed out why the home could not be re-built to safely withstand another hurricane.  Had he not been there, the insurance company would have had it re-built and put us in a potentially devastating position.


Then during the construction process, Al was always there when we needed him.  Even though he had numerous other projects going on at the same time, if I called he's pick up his cell phone and he'd be there as soon as he could get there.


The house was two stories and complex with zero pocket doors, 15' steel H beams, free standing staircases, and many other complicated extras that your average cookie cutter builder refused to build. In fact there are few builders who will even build a two story house.  While building the house, Al was constantly coming up with ways to improve upon the design.  His hidden pantry was fantastic.  He personally made beautiful 3 part crown mouldings when the supplier ran out because he didn't want us delayed.


Needless to say the house turned out beautifully.  It passed its final inspection on it's first review and we have had it for over three years with no problems.  This is a testament to his workmanship.


Sincerely, Steve Marks"









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